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6 Things that Nobody Tells You about Sleep Training

If you’re a new parent and you’re ready to trade in your baby for six uninterrupted hours of shut-eye, sleep training may seem like a magic bullet. But much like politics at a family reunion, the old “cry it out” debate can be quite the hot-button issue with the parenting crowd. Here’s what you need […]

4 Great Benefits of Kids Sharing a Room

Whether you need to or want to, having your kids share a bedroom has some seriously cool advantages. Here, some of the benefits of siblings bunking up together. KIDS WILL BE MORE EMPATHETIC Few kids actually like to share, but it’s an important skill that they need to learn. And room-sharing is a great place to start. […]

8 Kid-Friendly Reading Nooks That Will Turn Your Children into Book Lovers

Anyone else miss the good ole days when kids read books instead of plastering iPad’s with emojis? While leading by example (ahem) is the best way to encourage, we’re positing that a rad kids-only reading hideaway will work wonders, too. Take inspiration from the amazing nugget nooks below, and consider a weekend DIY project with […]

5 Ways to Be a More Photogenic Couple

Maybe you’re snapping engagement pics. Or maybe you’re just strolling round the neighborhood and scout a pretty field of flowers that would be the perfect backdrop for your #MCW. (FYI, that’s “Man Crush Wednesday” for those who don’t know.) Either way, here’s how to look super photogenic as a twosome. Yes, it’s possible. GAZE AT […]

7 Ways to Boost Your Career (Boring Networking Events Not Included)

Getting ahead in business isn’t all monotonous mixers and obligatory training seminars sponsored by HR. We say skip the standard networking events (oh, and believe us, they’re still out there) in favor of work-related affairs where you’ll meet new people, learn a new skill and maybe even have some fun. Here are seven ways the modern […]

6 Things That Always Go on Sale in August

Flashback to June, when you were salivating at all the gorgeous summer things (bathing suits! espadrilles! sunhats!) you absolutely had to have. Well, good news for anyone who held out: All the best summer merch is officially on sale. Here, six things to spend your cash on in August if you want to score a serious deal. PATIO EQUIPMENT You’ve still […]

Our 7 Favorite Bookstores for Inspiration, Coffee and (Oh, Yeah) Books

Forget new car smell. We think new book smell is the real winner. Which is why we’re hitting up these seven Chicago bookstores on the regular. They’ve got new book smell—not to mention thoughtful staff and charming ambiance—in spades. UNABRIDGED BOOKSTORE Here’s something you won’t find shopping online: As you browse Unabridged, you’ll notice a […]

7 Genius Ways to Save on Your Back-to-School Shopping List

Ah, the exhilaration of throwing elbows with other parents as you fight your way through the crowded aisles at Staples during the back-to-school rush. But damn the register reality check: The cost of new markers, glue sticks and construction paper can seriously add up. Here, seven ways to cut dollars (without cutting joy from your […]

5 Books Every Fashion Lover Needs to Read

Do you compulsively check Vogue’s website during fashion week? Do you pore over street-style shots for outfit inspiration? Can you recite every line of The Devil Wears Prada from memory? Cool, sounds like you’re into fashion. As such, you need (need) to read the following five books, each of which provides an inside look into the weird, fascinating […]

10 Stylish Playroom Finds for Chic Mamas

Tiny people? The cutest. Tiny people clothes? Ditto. But tiny people decor? Predominantly rainbow-hued and plastic-tastic. Think beyond the Pack ‘n Play and consider giving the playroom the same tastemaker treatment as the rest of your home. Below, a sampling of the dreamiest eye candy on the market. A PRETTY PLAYMAT These cushy, easy-wipe foam play mats come […]

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