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How to Have Fun With Your Photography

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You like photography, but find that sometimes it seems more like a chore than something fun to do. Perhaps you get home a little late from work and just don’t feel like doing anything but sitting on the couch. Or maybe you have a day of shooting planned for […]

How to Set Up a Photography Business Step-By-Step

Deciding to take a leap and start a photography business is a huge decision and one that will certainly cause you a lot of stress along the way. But the rewards that might come from going into business for yourself are certainly worth the risk. To help you get started, I’ve put together a quick overview of some […]

Secret Havens to Get Some Peace and Quiet in NYC

As a New Yorker, you’ve undoubtedly become accustomed to the dull roar assaulting your eardrums at all times: construction, screeching subways, overly loud talkers at the table next to you. But if you’re starting to feel like you can’t hear your own thoughts, these peaceful spots offer a much-needed respite from the clamor. CONSERVATORY GARDEN […]

Gorgeous Hamptons Rentals to Lock Down Now

PSA: There are only 52 days until beach season. That’s plenty of time to find a cute new swimsuit, figure out your summer reading material and rally your squad. But the window for finding the perfect Hamptons rental will be closed long before then. It’s not too late: We found seven gorgeous houses all over the East End that […]

6 NYC Swimming Pools to Cool Off in This Summer

We may scoff at the flamingo floaties in our Instagram feed (as we sip negronis in our all-black sundresses), but the truth is, New Yorkers love a good pool day as much as anyone. Fortunately, there are plenty of spots for a city gal to cool off—we found refreshing options for every type of pool-goer. […]

The Prettiest Places to Gawk at Fall Foliage Near NYC

Nothing says autumn like PSLs apple cider doughnuts fire-hued foliage. And don’t be fooled by the still-balmy weather: Your window to catch those brilliant auburn hues will be over before you know it. Consult this handy map, then plan your leaf-peeping road trips accordingly. WALKWAY OVER THE HUDSON, NY (2 HOURS FROM NYC VIA METRO-NORTH) Think the High Line, […]

5 Cheap Flights to Sate Your Fall Wanderlust

If we spent as much time traveling as we did on the Kayak “Explore” page, we’d probably have gone everywhere by now. But our obsession is your gain: We scouted out the best-priced fall trips from New York to book ASAP. DENVER (4 HOURS FROM NYC) Yes, the Mile High City is a mecca for […]

Wedding Cake Trends That Will Make Your Mouth Water

From tiers of macarons to cakes inspired by rock formations, wedding desserts come in many forms. (And even if you’re still a fan of traditional white cake, you’ve got decorative options.) We scoured Pinterest to find the latest and greatest wedding cake and dessert trends. (Check out our Wedding Cake and Desserts board for more sweet ideas.) […]

The Most Stunning Wedding Venues in the Hamptons

Call us biased, but we can’t think of anywhere we’d rather get hitched than in the Hamptons. From sun-kissed beaches to historic old estates, here are some truly magical spots to tie the knot. SOUTHAMPTON INN Between the beautiful gardens, the luxurious ballroom and the too-quaint-for-words setting, the Southampton Inn is what wedding dreams are […]

6 of the Most Unique Wedding Venues in the U.S.

Your dress? Pfft, a jumpsuit. Your flower girl? Your grandma, duh. And your wedding venue? Time to get creative. We hit up our girl Cortnie Fausner at The Venue Report for 15 fantastically unique locales that have the industry buzzing. GRAND BANKS (NEW YORK, NY) Because a cocktail hour raw bar is best enjoyed at sea. This antique wooden sailboat […]
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