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6 Things To Know about Cat Care

Switch to canned food instead of dried, as water consumption is necessary to stave off kidney issues, a common concern. Put out multiple water bowls and make sure they’re changed regularly. Low-protein food will help make the digestion and elimination process more comfortable for older cats. Look Out for Signs of Discomfort Cats are good at hiding pain, so […]

How To Adopt A Dog

There are plenty of dogs ready to give a lot of love,” says Lyndsay Tischer of Humane Animal Rescue Team in Edmonton. Only half of the thousands of canines taken into Canadian shelters each year find new homes Downside: You Might Have to Pass on a Purebred If you have your heart set on a specific kind […]

4 Health Care Options for Your Pet

For animal athletes, chiropractic can also improve performance. Mississauga resident Lynda Siewert takes her 10-year-old competition dog, Susie Q, in for adjustments every six weeks. “Working dogs are not just dogs. They are your partners and deserve to be well-kept and fit. Veterinary Chiropractic Taking Fido to get his spine realigned offers myriad health benefits-just as […]

3 Tips for Travelling With Pets

Many cities are starting to cater to ­animal-loving tourists. Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary have off-leash parks and pet hotels, and Saskatoon offers a handful of doggy spas. Pet-friendly hotels are a great alternative when Mom and Dad refuse to host your rambunctious beasts. But most don’t allow guests to leave animals unattended, and some accept only dogs […]

3 Ways to Offset Your Pet’s Carbon Pawprint

Canadians spent an estimated $6.5 billion on their pets in 2013, according to consumer researcher Packaged Facts. Every purchased factory-produced item negatively affects the planet, so consider whether your cat really needs that Halloween costume. Size Matters Larger animals-especially big dogs-eat and poop more, take up more living and car space, and use more supplies. […]

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